BCCI President Sourav Ganguly is undergoing primary angioplasty at the Woodlands hospital in Kolkata after the former cricketer felt chest discomfort on Saturday morning.

Sourav Ganguly undergoes angioplasty in Kolkata hospital. (Reuters Photo)


  • Sourav Ganguly is undergoing angioplasty in Kolkata hospital
  • Ganguly, 48, felt chest discomfort at his home gym on Saturday
  • Doctors have started the procedure based on the scan reports

BCCI President and former India captain Sourav Ganguly is undergoing primary angioplasty at the Woodlands hospital in Kolkata. The doctors have provided a health update on Sourav Ganguly who felt a chest discomfort while at his home gym in Kolkata and was rushed to the hospital, at 1 PM on Saturday.

According to the doctors’ report, when Ganguly came to the hospital his pulse was 70/min, BP 130/80 mm of Hg and other clinical parameters were within normal limits. His ECG showed hyper acute ST segmenht elevation in inferior leads and lateral leads. Echo showed mild inferior wall hypokynaesia with preserved overall left ventricular function. He is stable haemodynamically. He has received loading doses of dual anti platelets and statin and is undergoing primary angioplasty now.

Based on his health report, Ganguly had a normal pulse rate and blood pressure levels when he walked in at the hospital on Saturday afternoon. While he has a normal blood flow, a primary angioplasty was necessary based on the scan results.

“Let’s confirm the issue is in the inferior wall of the heart, scans on at the moment and
@SGanguly99 will be operated on soon. Doctors confirm he should be fine and all our prayers are with him. Will update asap”: Boria Majumdar had tweeted.

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