England Test skipper Joe Root has said that his team is well-prepared to deal with positive cases of Covid-19 on the tour if they happen to arise.

The England Test squad on Sunday arrived in Sri Lanka to resume a series that was scheduled to be played in March 2020 but had to be pushed to January this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The comments were in the backdrop of England abandoning their white-ball tour of South Africa last month after some positive cases were detected in their team hotel.

“I don’t think it (positive cases) will result in an automatic end. The reality is around the rest of the world teams have had to deal with positive cases We have to manage it as best we can,” Joe Root said before leaving for Sri Lanka.

England are embarking on a three-month tour of the subcontinent, starting with two Tests in Sri Lanka and that will be followed by a full-fledged series in India.

To help cope with the challenges of playing cricket in these difficult times, Root said the team will hire the services of a psychologist.

“There’s going to be a little bit of extra support for the players in terms of a psychologist on the ground at all times, making sure there’s someone to speak to.

“If at any stage it becomes too much, they are entitled to get out. As captain, a big part of my role is to make sure people are comfortable.”

Fingers crossed everything goes well, says Root

Root also added that in such times it is important for the team to be flexible and adaptable.

“It’s a really dangerous virus and wherever we will be, we will be in contact with it in some shape or form,” he said.

“The reality is, look around the rest of the world, Pakistan in New Zealand, teams have had to deal with cases on tour. That might be the case for us, if so we have to manage it as best as possible.”

Speaking about the situation in South Africa, he said that it was a very unique situation.

“South Africa was a very unique situation, a different set of circumstances. It will be different again (in Sri Lanka and India), we’re as best prepared as we can for it and we’re fully aware of what we’re getting ourselves into.

“Fingers crossed everything goes well, we look after each other, adhere to the rules, stay as safe as possible and play some really good hard Test cricket,” Root added.

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